5 Yoga Poses For When You're Stressed AF

Rough day? 

I get it. Before reaching for that glass of wine or tub of (non-Halo) ice cream, I want you to do me a favor...

Get into your favorite pair of yoga pants (preferably, the ones that make you look like your ass is fire) a comfy tee or sports bra and your yoga mat. I'm about to show you 5 yoga poses that are going to put you back into the mood you were in when that cup of coffee finally hit you this morning. 

1. Childs Pose

My go-to pose when I'm feeling crappy is child's pose. It requires no stretching and allows me to basically lay on the floor while internally saying, "Calgon take me away". So let's start here, get down on your knees, put your head down to the floor and reach your arms over your head and just sit there for a while. Start to release all that is stressing you out.

2. Cobra

From your child's pose, push your body forward, legs out into Cobra. Now that you've given your body some downtime in Child's pose, it's time to puff out your chest and take a deep breath...because you've got this girl. 


3. Downward Facing Dog 

From Cobra, you'll want to push your body back into a Downward Facing dog position. Feet firmly planted on the floor while your hands and head point toward the floor. The idea here is to take some time in this stretch. Allow yourself to stay in this pose while you find what feels good. Allow your body to stretch as it needs to, breathing in and out with each stretch. 


4. Forward Fold

Up next is the Forward Fold. From the downward dog position walk your hands up to your feet and bring your body up halfway, allowing a nice stretch in the back. Then allow the top half of your body to fold over your thighs while your fingers either touch the floor or your shins. Again, stay in this position as long as you need to, these poses are about taking time for yourself and focusing on your breath (and NOT on whatever is bothering you).

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5. Sun Salutation

From the forward fold, raise your body and bring your hands to the sky and back down slowly to perform a sun salutation. The sun salutation will leave you feeling energized and allow you to 'inhale the good shit, and exhale the bullshit'. 

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